Dexcom G6 Compatible Phones: A Comprehensive Guide

Dexcom G6 Compatible Phones

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        • Understanding Phone Compatibility Requirements
        • Top Dexcom G6 Compatible Phones
        • Additional Factors to Consider
        • Conclusion

The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system has revolutionized the way people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels. However, to get the most out of this system, it’s essential to use a compatible smartphone receiver. In this guide, we’ll discuss the Dexcom G6 compatibility requirements and recommend the best phones to use.

Understanding Phone Compatibility Requirements

To be compatible with the Dexcom G6 system, a smartphone must have Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support to communicate with the transmitter. Additionally, the phone must run the current version of either the iOS or Android operating system to support the installation of the Dexcom G6 app.

Top Dexcom G6 Compatible Phones

  • iPhone 11, 12, and 13
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 and S22
  • Google Pixel 6 and 7
  • OnePlus 9 and 10
  • LG V60 and V70

Each of these phones meets the compatibility requirements for the Dexcom G6 system, ensuring that you can monitor your blood glucose levels seamlessly. Whether you prefer an iPhone or an Android device, there’s a great option available for you.

Additional Factors to Consider

When choosing a phone to work with the Dexcom G6, consider your network carrier’s coverage, phone attributes like size, battery, and camera quality, and your budget. Proper after-sales support is also crucial for resolving any compatibility issues that may arise.


Using a Dexcom G6 compatible phone allows diabetes patients to seamlessly monitor their blood sugar levels, providing better management and improved health outcomes. By evaluating requirements, recommended devices, usage needs, and budgets, you can make an informed decision and enjoy optimal CGM benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any phone work with the Dexcom G6?

No, only phones meeting the outlined compatibility criteria can reliably pair with the transmitter.

How long does a Dexcom G6 sensor typically last?

Sensors are factory calibrated to last for up to 10 days of continuous glucose monitoring.

What Is the Range of the Dexcom G6 Transmitter?

The transmitter can communicate with a receiver up to 15 feet away, allowing freedom of movement while monitoring occurs.

How Much Does the Dexcom G6 Cost with Insurance?

Insurance coverage and costs vary greatly. Contact your insurance provider for detailed plan specifics.

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