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Better Mental Health in Schools [PDF Book]: Four Key Principles for Practice in Challenging Times

  • Four key principles from a teacher and therapist to boost student mental health
  • Learn cognition techniques to understand behavioral triggers
  • Build compassion through attentive relationships with proven strategies
  • Boost student emotional regulation and self-control with containment ideas
  • Foster student connection and a sense of belonging through community-building activities
  • Gain practical, classroom-ready strategies you can start applying immediately
  • Support both student and staff well-being with a whole-school approach
  • Guide is informed by years of front-line experience in diverse school settings
  • Easy-to-digest format offers “pick-and-mix” solutions regardless of training gaps
  • Affordable guide makes a meaningful, ethical investment in student and teacher mental fitness

Supporting student mental health has never been more important for teachers and schools. This practical guide introduces four evidence-based principles for enhancing mental well-being in your classroom every day. Learn cognition techniques to understand behavioral triggers, build compassion through attentive relationships, boost emotional regulation with containment strategies, and foster connection through a sense of belonging. With insightful examples from a veteran teacher and therapist, you’ll gain skills and strategies to complement your expertise and create a nurturing environment for all students, especially in difficult times. Order the guide today to start applying an integrated approach that benefits both students and staff.


A Complete Guide to Enhancing Student Mental Health

Four Key Strategies from a School Insider

Supporting student mental wellness has never been more crucial for teachers and entire school communities. But navigating this important topic can feel overwhelming without practical tools and real-world strategies. Better Mental Health in Schools is here to help by introducing four evidence-based principles for boosting mental fitness in your students on a daily basis.

Cognition Techniques for Understanding Behavior

The first principle explores cognition and how understanding thought patterns can help address behavioral triggers. Gain insights into connecting student thoughts, feelings, and actions. Learn to view challenging conduct from a more empathetic lens.

Build Compassionate Classroom Environments

Discover how intentional relationship-building through attentive listening, empathy, and emotional attunement foster compassion. Nurture a safe space where all students feel seen and supported through proven strategies perfect for any educator.

Containment for Boosting Emotional Regulation

Explore emotion theory and build skills for managing feelings in healthy ways. Boost student self-control and resilience through realistic containment ideas you can put into practice tomorrow. Achieve a calmer environment optimized for learning.

Connection through Sense of Belonging

Understand our shared need for relationships and community. Foster inclusion through activities that strengthen bonds between peers and with caring educators. Develop a place where every student feels valued and knows they belong.

Backed by a seasoned teacher and therapist’s field-tested expertise, these principles offer an integrated “pick-and-mix” approach tailored for any classroom. Order Better Mental Health in Schools today to start cultivating wellness for all.


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