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Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Radiology, Volume I [PDF Book]: Principles of Clinical Radiology, Multisystem Diseases & Head and Neck

  • The first volume of a landmark 6 volume textbook covering the entire field of clinical radiology
  • Written by over 500 global leaders in radiology
  • Covers fundamentals of all major modalities like CT, MRI, ultrasound etc
  • Provides comprehensive overview of multisystem diseases and head & neck radiology
  • Serves as an all-in-one reference for radiology residents and consultants
  • Includes latest imaging protocols, normal anatomy, disease presentations and reporting practices
  • Constantly updated online version with new advances
  • Definitive source for in-depth learning or revising major radiology topics
  • Highly recommended for anyone seeking to build or enhance their clinical radiology knowledge

This book is the first volume of a comprehensive 6 volume textbook on clinical radiology authored by leading radiologists from India and around the world. Volume I covers the fundamental principles of all major radiology modalities and imaging techniques as well as multisystem diseases and head & neck radiology.

It is intended to serve as an all-in-one reference for radiology residents and practitioners to look up imaging protocols, anatomy, presentations of common and rare diseases, reporting practices and the latest advances in the field. With contributions from over 500 experts, this exhaustive textbook provides an in-depth yet accessible overview of the entire scope of diagnostic, interventional radiology and emerging applications.

The online version makes it a constantly updated knowledge resource. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to build or update their foundations in clinical radiology or seeking a single definitive source on major topics within the specialty.


The Ultimate Reference for Clinical Radiology

About the Book

This comprehensive textbook is the work of over 500 leading experts in radiology from India and around the world. It aims to serve as the definitive reference for all areas within clinical radiology.

Key Highlights

Covers Fundamentals of All Major Modalities

Volume 1 covers the underlying principles of modalities like CT, MRI, ultrasound, NM, etx. along with basic physics, techniques and protocols.

Comprehensive Overview of Body Systems

It provides in-depth coverage of presentations for diseases affecting various body systems and regions like the head and neck.

Latest Protocols, Anatomy and Disease Details

For each topic, the book details normal anatomy, discusses variations, provides differential diagnoses and highlights recent advances.

Regular Online Updates

The online version allows for continuous updates keeping practitioners abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Who Should Consider it?

Radiology residents and consultants seeking an all-in-one reference
Anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of clinical radiology fundamentals, techniques and applications
Specialists who deal with radiology images and reports to improve their radiological literacy
With its comprehensive scope and constantly evolving content, this textbook is the ultimate go-to resource for all practicing radiologists and imaging specialists.


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