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Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor [Monthly Subscription] Buy Online

  • Automatic replacement of sensors every 14 days
  • Potential cost savings compared to purchasing individually
  • Choice of 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month subscription plans
  • There is no need for fingersticks or a separate glucose meter
  • Tracks glucose trends for better diabetes management
  • Discreet, easy-to-wear sensor requires no coding

The Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor offers a convenient and cost-effective way to monitor glucose levels continuously with a monthly subscription plan. This plan ensures automatic replacement of the Freestyle Libre 2 sensors, so you can always have a functioning sensor without worrying about running out. You can choose from different pricing options, including 1-month, 3-months, or 6-months, to find a plan that suits your needs and potentially saves money compared to purchasing sensors individually.



Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Monthly Subscription

Make diabetes management hassle-free with a Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Monthly Subscription. Get continuous glucose monitoring with the latest sensors through our subscription service.

Effortless Sensor Replacement

Don’t worry about ever running out of sensors again! With our monthly subscription, you’ll automatically receive a new Freestyle Libre 2 sensor every 14 days, shipped directly to your doorstep. This hassle-free approach eliminates the need to remember to reorder sensors, giving you peace of mind and consistent monitoring.

Cost-Effective Solution

If you opt for the Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Monthly Subscription, you can save money compared to buying individual sensors. You can choose from discounted pricing options for more extended subscription periods, such as one, three, or six months, per your budget and monitoring needs.

Convenience and Accuracy

The Freestyle Libre 2 system is a convenient and accurate way to monitor glucose levels. This revolutionary continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system eliminates the need for fingersticks or separate glucose meters, providing real-time glucose readings with a simple scan. With this system, you can easily keep track of your glucose levels and make informed decisions about your diet, exercise, and insulin therapy.

Discreet and User-Friendly

The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor is a slim and discreet device that is easy to wear, so you can monitor your glucose levels without drawing any unwanted attention. The best part is that no coding is required, and the sensor lasts up to 14 days, making it easier to manage your diabetes seamlessly. If you subscribe to the Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Monthly Subscription, you’ll experience freedom and peace of mind like never before.

Monthly Subscription

1 Month, 2 Month, 3 Month, 4 Month, 5 Month, 6 Month


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