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Freestyle Libre 3 Reader [Buy Online]

  • Real-time glucose data on a large, clear display
  • Trend arrows to visualize glucose patterns
  • Tailored alerts for high and low glucose levels
  • Target time report for time spent in the target range
  • LibreView system for cloud-based reporting and sharing
  • Continuous glucose monitoring for 14 days without finger pricks

The Freestyle Libre 3 Reader is a compact and user-friendly display device that illustrates your glucose level readings. It offers real-time glucose data on a large, clear, and easy-to-read screen, empowering individuals to monitor their diabetes effectively. With features like trend arrows, tailored alerts, target time reports, and the LibreView system, the Freestyle Libre 3 Reader provides a seamless and hassle-free approach to staying informed about your blood sugar status.


Freestyle Libre 3 Reader – Revolutionizing Diabetes Management

The Freestyle Libre 3 Reader is a game-changing device that offers a comprehensive solution for managing diabetes with ease and convenience. This compact and user-friendly device displays instant glucose readings from a discreet sensor, empowering individuals to take control of their health like never before.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Made Effortless

The Libre 3 Reader utilizes a compact sensor placed on the upper arm’s rear, enabling efficient and continuous glucose monitoring for a span of 14 days. This innovative approach eliminates the need for frequent and inconvenient finger pricks, providing a hassle-free experience for users.

Real-Time Glucose Data at Your Fingertips

With the Freestyle Libre 3 Reader, real-time glucose data is presented on a large, clear, and user-friendly screen. This seamless display empowers individuals to monitor their condition with ease, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and adjust their treatment plan accordingly.

Comprehensive Features for Optimal Diabetes Management

Trend Arrows: By leveraging the power of trend arrows, the “Daily Patterns” report presents all recorded glucose values on a graph, providing valuable insights for better diabetes management. This feature requires a minimum of 5 days of blood glucose data.

Tailored Alerts: Instant alerts notify you when your glucose levels exceed or fall below your designated limits, ensuring timely intervention and enabling you to react more effectively. You can conveniently enable or disable these alarms as needed.

Target Time Report: The Target Time Report integrates and processes your blood glucose data, illustrating the proportion of time your sensor glucose readings spent above, below, or within the designated target range.

LibreView System: The LibreView system is a secure cloud-centric reporting platform designed to enhance diabetes management choices for both individuals and healthcare practitioners. Access comprehensible and lucid reports on the platform or conveniently share them with your medical provider.

Seamless Monitoring and Proactive Management

With the Freestyle Libre 3 Reader, you can simply scan the device over the Freestyle Libre 3 sensor to obtain an immediate reading, eliminating the need for frequent finger pricks. The reader not only presents your current glucose value but also showcases glucose level patterns, assisting you in fine-tuning your insulin dosages or dietary choices accordingly.

Affordable and Accessible

At CGM Monitors, we understand the importance of accessible and affordable diabetes management solutions. That’s why we offer the Freestyle Libre 3 Reader at a competitive price, along with fast and free shipping across the USA. Additionally, you can now bill your insurance directly for added convenience.

Experience the revolutionary Freestyle Libre 3 Reader and take a significant step towards better diabetes control and an enhanced quality of life. Order yours today and unlock the power of seamless glucose monitoring.


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