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The Intern Blues: A Vital Guide to Surviving Medical Internship

  • Gain unique insights into the world of medical internship through the real-life diaries of three interns.
  • Experience the highs and lows of treating critically ill children and confronting the impact of the AIDS epidemic.
  • Navigate the challenges of hospital bureaucracy and overcome personal fears and insecurities.
  • Updated edition includes a new preface discussing the current state of medical training in America.
  • Engaging and informative, this PDF book offers a timeless perspective on the making of a doctor.
  • Perfect for aspiring physicians, medical students, and anyone interested in the field of medicine.


Discover the invaluable insights and gripping experiences of medical interns in “The Intern Blues.” This timeless classic by Robert Marion provides a candid and eye-opening account of the challenges faced by interns at a major New York medical center. Gain a firsthand understanding of treating critically ill children, navigating the bureaucracy of hospitals, and overcoming personal fears and fatigue. Updated with a new preface and afterword, this PDF book is a must-read for aspiring doctors and anyone interested in the demanding world of medicine. Get your copy now and prepare yourself for the transformative journey of medical training


The Intern Blues: A Vital Guide to Surviving Medical Internship

Discover the Unforgettable Journey of Medical Interns

Embark on a compelling and eye-opening journey through the pages of “The Intern Blues.” This remarkable book, written by Robert Marion, offers a timeless account of the challenges, triumphs, and transformation experienced by medical interns during their rigorous training.

Real-Life Lessons in Treating Very Sick Children

Step into the shoes of three interns—Andy, Mark, and Amy—as they vividly describe their real-life experiences in treating critically ill children. Through their diaries, you’ll witness the emotional rollercoaster of dealing with life and death situations, making difficult medical decisions, and witnessing the resilience of young patients.

Confronting the Impact of the AIDS Epidemic

During their internships, the three doctors also confront the devastating impact of the AIDS epidemic. Explore their firsthand accounts of working with AIDS babies and the challenges they face in providing care and support to these vulnerable patients and their families.

Overcoming Bureaucracy, Fears, and Fatigue

Not only do the interns grapple with medical challenges, but they also navigate the complex world of hospital bureaucracy. Discover how they face indifference, navigate administrative hurdles, and advocate for their patients in an environment where red tape often threatens efficient and compassionate care.

In addition to external challenges, the interns must confront their own fears, insecurities, and constant fatigue. Follow their personal journeys as they learn to overcome these obstacles, find their voice, and grow both personally and professionally.

A Timeless Classic Updated for Today’s Readers

This updated edition of “The Intern Blues” includes a new preface from the author. Dr. Robert Marion reflects on the current state of medical training in America, adding a contemporary perspective to this timeless classic. Furthermore, an insightful afterword updates readers on the lives of the three interns, providing a glimpse into their professional paths and the impact their experiences had on their careers.

Experience the Triumphs and Tribulations of Medical Training

Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of “The Intern Blues” and gain a profound understanding of the challenges, sacrifices, and rewards of becoming a doctor. Whether you’re an aspiring physician, a medical student, or simply curious about the medical profession, this PDF book offers an invaluable glimpse into the making of a doctor. Order your copy today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of medical internship.


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